Have you ever wanted to have a special painting or paintings in your home, your office or for someone special? Or have you struggled to find just the right piece of art for your home, or you just can’t find the right style, the right colours or at the right price?

You have thought about having a painting or paintings commissioned but don’t really know how to explain what you want or maybe you don’t even know for sure?

Would you like the opportunity to explore your creativity whilst painting something that has meaning for you? Have you felt a little intimidated by formal art classes or don’t have the time or desire to get that involved? Or have you dreamed of having art in your home that you have created, to suit your décor, your style and have pieces that speak to you and feel good to create?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and you are based on the Sunshine Coast then my Painting for Purpose workshops are for you…

As an Interior Designer and Artist I am in a unique position to be able to not only bring your ideas to life and help you to create some special pieces of art but also to help you to decide what will work best in your spaces both in style and also colours. All materials will be supplied including an apron – all you need to bring are your ideas and the surface you wish to paint on (canvas, paper, wood panel etc).

These workshops go over three weeks – to allow you the time to create one major piece or multiple pieces depending on the style and detail of the paintings.

These workshops are a unique offering and class sizes will be limited to six and will run weekly for 2-2.5hrs per week for three weeks.

These are not traditional art lessons – whilst you will learn some painting techniques and also pick up some new skills and learn some basic painting principles this is not an art lesson, more of a creativity exploration.
***If you are interested in these unique workshops, I recommend gathering your ideas, swatches, images you like plus photos of your spaces so you will come to my first workshop armed with ideas even if you don’t quite have a direction as yet. This will greatly help me to narrow down what direction you should take.

This workshops are collaborations, so you will always have my advice and direction to help you to create some beautiful pieces of art.

Some of the reasons why you should attend are

  • It is a low-cost way to add some unique paintings to your life that you created
  • You have the chance to explore your creative side
  • Opportunity to meet new people
  • Create pieces of art specific to you for you or your home or as a gift
  • Discover a new hobby, talent or obsession
  • Join with a friend and create some great memories as well as special art…

PS – don’t forget to tell your friends…

Painting for Purpose FAQ’s

What is a Paint for Purpose Workshop?
These workshops offer a unique opportunity for you to create some beautiful art with my guidance and help. This is specific to each person so everyone in these workshops will be doing their own thing. Some may choose to work on one painting or multiple paintings over the three-week duration. There is no limit – it is only based on what you can achieve in the time allowed.
Why should I attend?
I am an Interior Designer and Artist so I have the unique ability to help not only bring your ideas to life but also to help you figure out the style and colours that will suit your spaces. Also don’t forget painting is therapeutic, it relaxes the mind like yoga relaxes the body. It is very easy to forget your stresses whilst painting so it acts as a form of therapy as your mind is focused completely on the paint and nothing else and it is a fantastic way to unwind and enjoy the social atmosphere. Plus, you will learn some new skills, maybe even realize you have a new obsession and you will go home with some beautiful pieces of art created by you. Imagine hanging your own art in your home…
Do I need to bring a friend, or can I come alone?
No, you do not, you can come alone and use it as an opportunity to meet some new people in a relaxed and creative environment.
What happens if I have never painted before?
You will not be alone so do not let it worry you. In fact, all my workshops are designed for those who do not have any or much prior painting experience. These are not art classes with an expectation on skill level, these are workshops for a specific painting purpose and I will guide you through what you need to know to ensure you feel happy and relaxed throughout the workshops.
How much are the Paint for Purpose workshops?
$297 for the three-week workshop – each weekly workshop goes for 2-2.5hrs. Same time and day each week.
All paint (acrylics) and equipment is provided, you only have to bring the surface you want to paint on (paper, canvas, wood panel etc.) to use as they will be a specific size for your purpose and any food or drink you wish to have.
What if I need to cancel?
As these workshops run over a three-week block – you cannot just cancel as a lot of time goes into these events. Please contact us immediately if you need to cancel to discuss if within three weeks of the event – if we can rebook your place you will only forfeit a $20 rebook fee. If you contact us to request to cancel under 72 hours from the event then you will unfortunately forfeit your ticket – or you can give your ticket to a friend to use etc. – just advise us via email who will be attending in your place. A lot of planning goes into these events so we cannot unfortunately just refund your ticket.
What time do I need to arrive before the event/party?
Around 15-20 mins to register and be ready.
Are these workshops fun – I am a bit nervous because I can’t even draw?
Yes, so much fun and so relaxing, I guarantee you will have a great time regardless if you have had any previous experience, no need to be nervous, most people will be like you when they start. Don’t forget your creativity will be boosted and you may even find you have a hidden talent or you have a new obsession!
How do I decide what to paint – I am a bit lost?
I will help you, just bring some ideas on colour, photos of your spaces or anything you think will help and photos of what you like. Some people even create Pinterest boards to help them to gather their ideas. As I am both an Interior Designer and Artist I can help you to formulate your ideas and also figure out what will work best in your spaces.
Is there a specific style of painting I have to do?
No, but they will be more abstract influenced due to skill and time. There is no point thinking you will be able to paint a photo realistic painting – these will be more interpretive in style to ensure you will achieve a great result in the time frame. This does not mean you cannot paint a landscape or seascape or a still life etc. It just means they will be a little more abstract in style.
What if I just can’t paint – will you refund me?
Most people think they can’t paint or that they are not creative, this is simply not true, with my help you will create one or more paintings that you will be proud of. If you are unsure – just try one of my ‘Paint for Pleasure Parties’ first…
How do I know what size paper or canvases to buy and from where?
Just measure the space you want your painting to go, bigger has more visual effect. If unsure I am happy to help – once you are booked in just contact me to discuss.
Best places to buy your canvases or art paper are online or CHOICE discount stores, SPOTLIGHT, OFFICE WORKS or ECKERSLEYS. Buy the best quality you can afford…
I am a sometime artist – will this be suitable for me?
Yes and no, you are welcome to attend but your current skill level will no doubt exceed the level of these workshops so you will most likely not acquire any new skills.
Are there any age restrictions?
Yes, you must be 18 years or older.
What about food and drink?
We are strictly BYO, so feel free to bring your favourite beverage and whatever food you would like to nibble on (see our grazing box options) also the Thai restaurant does take away.
Where are the Paint for Purpose workshops held?
At our shop – shop 9/56 Moondara Drive, (cnr Nicklin way) Wurtulla (Moondara Place). Want-IT-Now Computer Services, so if you need your computer fixed, need a new computer or a website, my husband is your man, he is the technical one and I am the creative one. There is extra parking on Nicklin Way.
Remember painting is like like yoga for your mind…and art therapy is the best type of therapy!
I hope to see you either at one or many painting for purpose workshops soon, remember if you have any questions, please just contact me.
COVID - in the case that there is an unavoidable Covid Lockdown
COVID – in the case that there is an unavoidable Covid Lockdown – workshops will be rescheduled to a date in the future. At least (7) days notice will be given for any new date for a rescheduled classes.
A lot of time, effort and expense goes into my events so no refunds can be offered as this situation is completely out my control.
I understand that the rescheduled date may not suit everyone but unfortunately I can only reschedule once. It is a lot of work for me to reschedule events as my calendar is worked well in advance.
In the case of ‘After School Classes’ I will be creating videos for home activities where necessary.
Thank you for your understanding in these uncertain times.

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