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I am based on the Sunshine Coast and I am a mother of four boys and the wife of a patient husband who doesn’t mind me spreading my paint and paintings all over the house.

My love of art started early, I would think nothing of turning my little chairs and table over when just a toddler and drawing scenes on the underside. Everyone who knows me well, knows of my love of drawing and painting. In fact, I used to walk around as a young teen with a little notebook full of cartoon characters that I had drawn.

I have undertaken many art classes (in oils and acrylics) and I started when I was quite young, and I still have some of those early paintings today.

My love of drawing and painting has never left me though at different times life got busy and I had to put these creative desires on the back burner to try an earn a more reliable income.


In recent years I have reignited my love of painting and just recently I have decided to pursue my art more fully and with more intent than ever before. It is a big leap for me to put myself and my art out there, but I know the time is right and I must do this for me.

I work part time in the interior design field which I combine with my art classes and painting workshops, an ideal world for me would be where I would be painting and drawing most of the time and also teaching children and adults how to find the joy in art…both in person and online. I believe that once you have caught the artistic ‘bug’ it never leaves you and there are just so many benefits from including art in your life.

I just love thinking up and dreaming about new things to paint both for my own work and also for my workshops, I just love combining new styles and unexpected colour combinations and patterns, for me there is just not enough time in the day to be as creative as I would like to be.

I hope my art and my art classes and painting workshops brings you/your child happiness and if so please share my Website, Facebook and Instagram with your friends and family as your support helps me to continue to grow my little business and also means I have more chance of being seen by my future customers.

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